How Biovin works

The process of “Regulated Grape Mark Composting” allows the humification of grape mark which is available in large quantities as a by-product of grape-juice-making. The fermentation process is started by inoculation and   regulated by temperature and air flow in a solid sate fermentor and ensures a succession of microorganism (Streichsbier et al., 1982*) starting with yeasts which, by autolysis and subsequent binding of the residual alcohol by esterifying reactions, enable rapid appearance of a mixed population of bacteria. The temperature increase continued by this bacterial flora favours growth of a thermophilic fungal flora (dominated by Thermomyces sp.) which is mainly responsible for the decomposition process. In the last phase a mixed population of Streptomycetes and other Actinomycetes is taking over and is finalizing humification with an additional   production of plant growth hormones (see analysis) The fermented product is dried and granulated and can be stored for several years without losing quality.

Gross Chemical Analysis:

Dry matter 78,6%
Total N 2,5%
Organic N 2,2%
Total P 1,5%
Total K 2,5%
Total Mg 0,3%
Total Ca 1,3%
Total Si 5,3%
Humic Substances 66,7% (of dry matter)
Total Fe 1420ppm
Total trace Elements 132 ppm (Cu, Mn, Zn, Co, Mo, Ni)

Microbial Activity

  • 8x109 aerobic microorganisms per gram
  • approx. 450 different species
  • specific humus formers: 8x107 per gram
  • enzymes and plant growth stimulators (auxins)
  • C:N ratio: 12:1
  • PH: 6.5 – 7


Nitrate leaching in sandy soils

Study of the Institute for Microbiology, University of Innsbruck, Austria: 0,3 gram of total nitrogen was added to 300 g of non sterilized sandy natural soil either as soluble NPK fertilizer (2 g of 15:5:18), Primafert organic fertilizer (4 g of 8:2:4) or as Biovin (10 g of 3:1:3) Soil was packed into cylinders (3 repetitions, each cylinder 10 cm wide, 30 cm long) and grass was seeded. After 3 weeks the leaching process was started by watering with 200ml de-ionized water. Thereafter the watering was repeated at times indicated.


BIOVIN liquid was tested by  - (a company specializing in Bonsai based in Venice Italy) and certified after a year of tests is an excellent fertilizer for growing trees in pots

– Decio Pianura

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This product is acknowledged and certified by the Austrian Federal Ministery of Agriculture for use as an organic fertilizer and soil biostimulant according to the guidelines of the Austrian Organic Farming Association. Additionally, it is registered under the Organic Farming rules in Germany and Switzerland.